Celebrate the Thrill of a Series Sweep!
Celebrate the Thrill of a Series Sweep!
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Welcome to the SWEEP® Flag Blog where we’ll discuss sports most exciting moment… the series sweep!  We invite you to send us your questions, comments and experiences with your team and its fans.  Send us a selfie with your flag. 

To begin, here are some common questions we are often asked.

What is a Series Sweep?

Sporting events often occur on a recurring. In team sports, the same teams play each other during the course of a season.  Inevitably, competition inspires heated rivalries and a great deal of discussion regarding who is the best team.  One measure of success and a source of boastful claims is the series sweep.  In baseball, teams play successive times in a grouping called a "series" for example three games in a row.  If one team wins all the games in such a "Series", it is described as a "Sweep", hence, the term "Series Sweep".  Historically, baseball fans have expressed their interest in their baseball team's achieving a series sweep by waving a broom at the ballpark or a hand-made sign while shouting "We want a Sweep". 

What Types of Series Sweep are there?

In modern baseball, teams are organized into leagues. In the USA, the highest level of play is on display in Major League Baseball.  MLB consists of two leagues, the American and National, comprised of 30 teams who play 162 Regular Season, Wildcard, Division, League and World Series Championship games.  During a Major League Baseball season 2, 3 and 4 game series are played.

According to a website that tracks MLB series sweeps, www.MLBSweeps.com, here is data on the 2016 season.

There were 2,430 regular season MLB games scheduled to be played in 779 series.  There were 72 Two Game, 552 Three Game, and 55 Four Game Series played.

Series Sweeps occurred 217 times or 28% of the time.  35 or 49% of Two Game, 157 or 28% of Three Game and 25 or 16% of Four Game Series ended in series sweeps.

Of the 217 Major League Baseball game series sweeps, the home team accounted for 58% or 126 incidences of a series sweep.

What is a Sweep® Flag?

A SWEEP Flag is a nylon flag with the word "SWEEP" in bold black letters printed diagonally across a white field sewn with double stitched hems in the USA.  It is available in a variety of sizes.  The Sweep Flag Company claims all copyright rights to its 1998 design and its registered trademark.


Note: The Sweep Flag Company is an independent company with no relationship to Major League Baseball or any of its affiliates.  No claim is made to any of their trademarks.